Demonstration essay
"The Field Studio," by Dave Huth - Maptia photo essay describing the "Meet Your Neighbours" field studio technique for nature photography (writer, photography)
Science narrative
"The Strategy," by Dave Huth - Maptia photo essay using visual narrative and text to explain the salamander life cycle (writer, photography)
Science education
"Amphibians are Awesome," by Brett Amy Thelen and Dave Huth - Popular science communication about amphibian natural history, originally published in a citizen science newsletter (co-writer, illustrator)
Multiple social media end-of-year education and awareness campaigns (concept, writing, design, photography)
Personal narrative
"Animals," by Dave Huth - A montage of audio clips from interviews in which people describe encounters with animals (concept and production)
Biophilia narrative
"Origins," by Dave Huth - Graphic story describing the author's childhood love for nature (writer, illustrator)
Social media slideshow
"Spectacular Salamanders," by Anna Norris for Mother Nature Network - Shareable science education slideshow (contributing photographer)
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